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Why We Built AlgoSamurai Algorithmic Trading Strategies

We are looking for forex club members who have the open-mindedness to believe that a better-than-average return can be had from algorithmic trading strategies, but who are savvy enough to know that most algo trading bots and forex signals out there are dangerous.

All you have to do is go to the leaderboard of some popular social trading networks like MQL5 Signals to see extraordinary, third-party verified returns. But just bookmark any one and check back 6 months later. You will see that the top forex signals will have disappeared to be replaced by a new batch of lucky ones in its stead.

Most forex signals die and disappear (along with the unsuspecting investors’ capital) because of two reasons:

Reason#1 for Failure: Trading is Difficult


First,trading is exceedingly difficult: 95% of traders fail, and so do 95% of trading systems. The failure lies in part on the trader or system, as seen in the right column. Another part of the failure rests with the markets themselves. The markets are often unpredictable and brutal and will eat most traders and their algorithms for breakfast. For these two factors, it is exceedingly difficult to make a trading algorithm that performs well in 15-years of backtesting, let alone continue to perform in the more uncertain environment of live trading.

Trading Errors

  • poorly designed or tested strategy
  • false expectations,
  • over leverage,
  • over trading,
  • lack of experience or knowledge,
  • fear and greed
  • no trading plan,
  • flawed money management, etc

Reason#2 for Failure: Cheating is Common


Second, because it is very difficult to make a robot that succeeds in backtesting and live trading, most forex signal providers or strategy developers take the easy road out and outfit their trading strategy with various gambling mechanisms, as seen in the right column. With these and a bit of luck, it is not so hard to create impressive looking systems with nearly perfect equity curves. That’s why there are so many of them out there now, making it hard to spot the few needles (the better-made trading systems) from the haystack of shoddy ones. But as you may have already noticed, the gambling mechanisms that create temporarily impressive returns ultimately seal their doom. When their luck runs out, the market deals with them harshly, destroying their account and everyone who copied them.

Gambling Errors

  • high leverage
  • multiple open positions
  • no stops
  • cutting profits short
  • letting losses run
  • grids
  • martingales

That’s where AlgoSamurai comes in.

We offer up reliable forex signals built to last. We operate under the principle that reliable trading strategies should be derived from time-tested methods of trend following, low leverage, clearly defined stop loss and take profit, symmetrical stop and reverse rules, one trade at a time, 15+ years backtesting, 1.5+ years forward testing, and no gambling mechanisms. If you think those are the principles that match your understanding of how a reliable trading algorithm is built, then this forex club is the right place for you.

We also believe that the you should be given all the necessary tools to make an informed choice among the forex signals — and that is why we have given you the tools to filter, sort, save, simulate, combine and compare signals. 

Moreover, you should be able to copy your chosen forex signals to any MT4 forex broker you wish, not an affiliated list of brokers padding the spread, and do so through a cloud-based trade copier, not a downloaded master/slave MT4 trade copier EA that calls for you to rent and maintain an expensive VPS to follow the signals. 

We also hope you like the mythos of the Samurai. Just as the Samurai were highly-trained military nobility that served their lord, we envision our skilled algo trading bots serving you. We want you to imagine them as as we do — tirelessly serving up to you profits from the markets so you can work less and enjoy more.

What We Offer

We have looked at our competitor weaknesses and created a unique forex signal service with the following features:

Reliable algorithmic trading strategies


✅ 150+ profitable forex signals across 25 separate instruments

✅ Trend following

✅ Stop and reverse entries

✅ Symmetrical rules

✅ Always use SL/TP

✅ FIFO compliant. Each signal = 1 instrument + max one position

✅ No martingale, no grid, no scalping

✅ 17-year backtest + 1-4 years live test

Advanced Signal Selector Tool


✅ Filter signals based on gain, draw down, pips, age, trades, profit.

✅ Sort signals based on gain, monthly, equity, profit, pips, draw Down, etc.

✅ Simulate hypothetical signal performances based on custom start/end date, start amount, leverage.

✅ Combine signals into hypothetical signal portfolios based on custom start/end date, start amount, leverage.

✅ Compare signals based on key performance and risk based metrics.

Sophisticated cloud-based MT4 copy trade platform:


✅ A fully hosted account service (no need to keep checking if your trading account is still connected and copying signals).

✅ A platform which is accessible from any device (desktop or mobile).

✅ Account analysis with industry standard metrics.

✅ A robust and tested trade copying technology.

✅ A super simple and powerful user interface.

✅ A Multi Broker and Platform compatibility.

✅ A service you can count on, with a 24/5 email support and a refund policy.

Bear in mind that in the forex signal subscription marketplace, customers typically pay $50 per month per forex signal (and most are dubiously designed), wheres our forex club members have access to all 150 reliably-designed forex signals for free. Plus we have so many other services that other signal services cannot match on us.

The interests of our customers are always the top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy your membership as much as we enjoy offering it to you.

Who we are? 

Blake Rodger

Blake Rodger

Founder and Algo Trading Developer

I had an early start in algorithmic trading development. From 2004-2006, I was one of two strategy developers for the first copy trade forex signal service at the time, traderobot.com, and I also became the lead developer for a number of forex managed funds from 2002-2009. For five years, from 2010-2015, I was the resident forex mentor and content author of a once popular Forex Hub Site called ForexRazor.com, where I helped hundreds of traders first hand become better traders via the school and forum. 

In Oct-2017, I had a breakthrough in strategy development, a breakthrough which allowed me to build reliable, trend-following strategies on any market, any time frame, and over the last two years I have built 150+ profitable algorithmic trading strategies across a range of instruments (forex, commodities, indices and stocks).

When not developing strategies, I enjoy reading and movies, the great outdoors and spending quality time with friends and family.