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Choose from 150+ reliable free forex signals, combine them into portfolios, and copy them to any MT4 broker account via our proprietary cloud-based trade copier. These Samurai bots will work tirelessly to increase your capital so you can spend less time working and more time doing what you love.

Forex Signal Highlights:

✅ 150+ Profitable free forex signals
✅Trend following
✅ Low leverage & smart stops
✅ Fifo compliant
✅ No martingale, no grid, no scalping
✅ 15-year backtest + 1-5 years live test

Trade Copier Highlights:

✅ Fully-hosted, cloud-based trade copier
✅ Copy trades to any MT4 account (200+ brokers)
✅ Account analysis with industry standard metrics.
✅ A super simple and powerful user interface.


Our Free Forex Signal Advantages

Powerful Gains

Many of our 150+ forex signals average 2% monthly returns


Robust Design

Primary trading strategy is trend following, based on symmetrical rules, using one or two indicators, few filters

Stress Tested

Our forex trading strategies have been backtested on 17 years of data and live tested for over a year

Recoverable Drawdowns

Low leverage and smart stops ensure bearable losses and recoverable drawdowns

Singular Trading

Each forex trading strategy carries only one open trade at a time, no hedging, no scaling in or scaling out, which makes it FIFO compliant and safe to add to any existing account or portfolio.

Powerful Portfolio Building

You are free to combine any number of forex trading strategies into diversified portfolios to increase the gains and reduce the risk


The Gold Standard of Trading Strategy Design is

A trading strategy should perform equally well on different time frames and instruments without curve-fitting.

This is very hard to achieve. Few forex trading strategies have accomplished this feat.

But, after a long and difficult journey, we believe we have met the standard.

We developed four powerful forex trading strategies that work equally well across multiple instruments and chart types! These four forex strategies have become the parents to over 150 strategies.

Common Features of All Four Forex Trading Strategies:

Fully AutomatedMax 1 position per pair
Robust AlgorithmUses only 1 indicator
Works on Any InstrumentTrend-following
Works on All MT4 Brokers17-year backtest
Reversal method (long to short & vice versa)No martingale
Symmetrical RulesNo grid
Always use SL/TPNo scalping

Featured Free Forex Signals

Forex Trading Strategies like the ones featured above (a trading strategy with great returns, low draw down) can easily sell for $50-100 per month in different forex signal service sites. But as an AlgoSamurai Forex Club member, you gain access to these and 150 more similar forex signals for free. 



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How it Works

  • Step 1

    Add MT4 Brokerage Account

    If you have an MT4 brokerage account, you can add it to your account dashboard. Otherwise, you can open a live or demo account at any of the 200+ MT4 brokers worldwide and you can use any one.

  • Step 2

    Select Forex Signals

    Use our Signal Selector Tool to select the optimal forex signals to combine into custom portfolios. 

  • Step 3

    Select Lot Sizing and Follow

    On selected signals, choose your preferred lot sizing method (Multiplier, Fixed Lot, Money Ratio) and click Follow. 


What Our AlgoSamurai Forex Club Members are Saying

I’m so excited to have achieved over 30% return since I joined the AlgoSamurai Forex Club. The forex club club offers me a choice of some of the best forex signals I’ve seen in my life, and Blake (the developer) is very helpful in answering all my questions and allaying all my concerns. There’s a lot of dangerous grids and martingales out there and I’m lucky to have discovered these solid trading systems and signals.

Todd Wilde

I’m very impressed with the broad array of profitable forex signals on so many instruments. At first it was hard to choose which forex signals to follow, but after using a demo account during the trial period and testing a bunch of signals, I figured out a good combination of 4 forex signals that seem to work well enough together to substantially increase my returns while lowering my risk.

Tom Arnold

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