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    Visual Order Tracking Free


    The Visual Order Tracking (VOT) EA makes trade history and performance metrics visible on the chart in four ways: 1) Draw History of closed and open trades with arrows, lines, and trade result numbers (pips, $ profit, % profit, % change); 2) Trade Manager to show Open, SL and TP levels as vivid horizontal lines with dynamic specs; 3) Summary Trade Panel to show sortable table of open and closed trade summaries by symbol, lots, pips, profit and advanced stats; and 4) Open Trade Panel to show sortable table of open trades by Symbol Ticket, Type, Lots, Profit, pips, SL pips, SL, TP, Spread, Magic, and Comment. With advanced filtering and multi-symbol chart switching control, you can now fully visualize the trade dynamics, exposure, and history of any or all strategies and symbols on your chart.