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If you have downloaded a product (EA or Indicator) from, then here are the 5 steps to take to make sure that the product gets installed properly in your terminal (MT4 or MT5).

Copy EA or Indicator that you downloaded

1. Right-click on the EA and Select ‘Copy’ from the menu. Or Ctr+C.

Note: Make sure that the EA or indicator is in its original file name. 

For example, the file name should be Ultimate_Trailing_Stop_EA.ex4, not Ultimate_Trailing_Stop_EA(1).ex4. If you are downloaded multiples of the same file, sometimes you can get this different naming scheme, in which case you need to rename back to the original name.

Paste EA into MT4 Data Folder

2. Select ‘File’ from the menu of Metatrader

3. Select ‘Open Data Folder’ from the menu

4. This is the data folder.

5. Double-click ‘MQL4’ folder (or if MT5, double click ‘MQL5’ folder)

6. Double-click ‘Experts’ folder (or if file is an indicator, double-click on ‘Indicators’ folder)

7. Select ‘Paste’ from the menu, in order to paste the EA into the ‘Experts’ folder (or if Indicator, paste into ‘Indicators’ folder)

Refresh Expert Advisors in Navigator

8. In Navigator, Right-click ‘Expert Advisors’ (or if Indicator, right-click ‘Indicators’)

9. Select ‘Refresh’ from the menu

Set Global Options to Allow for Automated Trading

This step is mostly in case you have an Expert Advisor. It doesn’t apply for Indicators.

10. Select ‘Tools’ from the menu

11. Select Options, or Ctr+O

12. Click the ‘Allow automated trading’ check box

13. Click the checkbox on ‘Allow DLL imports’

14. Click the ‘OK’ button

Drag EA (or Indicator) to chart

15. Drag  EA (ex, ‘Ultimate_Trailing_Stop_EA’) to chart

16. Click the ‘OK’ button

17. The EA will be active when you see that ‘AutoTrading’ is green in the toolbar and there is a smiling face in the right corner of the chart.

The next steps are to double-click on the smiling face and configure your desired trailing stop settings.

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